Traveling In The Realms Of Gold

I have not been counting the days or the months since I last tried to perform the art of blogging, not that I have been living for the moment which in itself is a laudable philosophy but have been trying to render our bookshelves obsolete or should I say traversing in the realms of gold.

I am discovering that I am still a mere amateur when it comes to clearing space as there seems to be more books and authors crying out for attention than when I began, Scott, Hogg, Byron and Radcliff to mention a few, maybe I should at this point also list Homer as I have quoted or should it be misquoted from Keats, but as this is a truthful account I cannot honestly say that Homer has ever been on my reading list, well not at present.

Now perhaps that is where I am going wrong as there are more books on my reading list as there are on our bookshelves, so once I have completed another tome it only makes room for a further purchase to reduce the reading list so it all becomes self perpetuating or maybe the basis for a thesis on the benefits of public libraries.

The Picture Shows:

The spire of the beautiful 13th century church of St Mary’s Bluntisham. The literary connection is that Dorothy L Sayers creator of the
Lord Peter Wimsey Father was Rector.

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