Golf Youth and A Playwright named Oscar

I keep keep getting asked or to be to be precise my good lady wife keeps getting asked, “has your husband taken up golf”. It is not that I have shown any inclination to explore the environs of old Tom Morris although we are very found of St Andrews. Is it that Golf is considered a suitable occupation for a gentleman at this stage of retirement that prefers reading to gardening and therefore needs some encouragement to undertake exercise?

I could take up jogging, stepping into shorts and trainers but I am afraid I do not have the constitution never mind the physical development for shorts or the desire to make a spectacle of myself in the hedonistic pursuit of remaining young.

If my goal was to gain enternal youth I would seek out an artist by the name of Basil and have my portrait painted. To my way of thinking it would be much more to my preference than ruining a good walk with a Niblick or damaging my knees not to mention my ear drums as I believe it is compulsory to listen to the I Pod will pounding the pavement.


St. Brides, Traquair Kirk, Scottish Borders, Scotland,


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