In Praise of Parchment and Mahogany Bookshelves.


There must be a debate raging in certain circles of the benefits of the electronic E-Reader versus the printed page.

I do not class myself as old-fashioned, computer illiterate or even a luddite but I have this aversion to the thought of reading say Henry Fielding or even Dickens on a LCD screen, give me a hard backed book or even a paperback any day.

The whole experience of selecting, handling and may I be so bold as to mention aroma is in my opinion of a higher sphere of indulgence and pleasure than sitting down with a plastic coated liquid crystal formatted script.

I know this is not in any way a full debate on the pros and cons and I am sure there are benefits for and against both, perhaps the best that can be hoped is that they can live together and we are spared the headlines that the end of the book as we know it is imminent.

Perish the thought, would it be too much to add if that was the case the inevitable would be the end of civilization.


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