1 thought on “The Stained Glass Windows from left to right: The Western Window, The John Smith Window and The Eastern Window

  1. Mrs Christine Dean (Heacham archivist)

    It is possible Pocahontas may have visited John Smith after staying at INDIAN QUEEN Inn at Boston in 1616-1617 when she
    visited with John Rolfe in his family ships and their families would have known each other. John Smith worked aged 15 for Sir Thomas Sendall Mayor and Wine Merchant as junior clerk aged 15 at Thorseby House quayside port office in Kings Lynn where John Rolfes family ships traded their farming goods .Boston Royal Port was huge deep and thriving .Has anyone ever checked the St Helena Church records in Willoughby or town hall and local archive papers as it is the 400th anniversary now ! John Rolfe would have visited his family and mother in Heacham who married Dr Robert Redmayne a wealthy man from Narford Hall when his father died and his fathers 1580 Geneva Rolfe bible is the second oldest in America preserved at Williamsburg University Library Archives -please forward this to the church and Willoughby town archivists-thank you


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