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Human Nature.



Is it not human nature to justify a mistake or an error of judgment, although nine times out of ten it feels as if you are being wrong footed and on the defensive.

It takes a skilled practitioner to handle the argument that what was said had been misconstrued or taken out of context. Should it be defined as a form of courage to be applauded and encouraged when all it does is to polarize opinion?

Surely it would be more courageous and laudable to apologies as soon as we are aware that offense has been given and defuse a pointless battle that will only divide loyalties that should be strengthened and cherished.

Then there is no accounting for Human Nature it is primitive instinct.


Perfectionist and a Genius called Mozart

I have an empathy with those who seek perfection but not those who are perfectionist. There is a virtue in perfection as long as you keep before you the fact that the ideals you hold dear will not always be achieved, not meeting the mark should not be considered as a failure but a set back and a catalyst to try again, like the legend of Robert and his cave companion.

The difficulty I have with perfectionist is not their evangelical fervour to obtain perfection for themselves but it is their ardent belief that it should apply first and foremost to others and they have prerogative to compile or amend the tablets of stone. Perhaps it does not apply to all perfectionists but it has been my experience to date.

Therefore it probably is more desirable to endeavour to set your own standards and try to treat people as you would like to be treated yourself and enjoy the perfection that is a piece of  Music by Mozart, a work of art by Titian or a poem by T.S Elliot.

I hasten to add this list is not meant to be comprehensive, if anything we are spoiled for choice and fortunately it has to always be a personal preference, so if you wish to include The Beatles, David Hockney or Henry James I have no objection, so go on list away.

Picture: Lyveden New Bield, National Trust, Northamptonshire.