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A Guilt Complex, Espresso, Burns Suppers and A Little Help From Oscar

I am currently suffering with a severe bout of guilt, I blame it primarily  on all the experts, commentators and their advisers that are constantly  instructing or should that be coercing us into reducing;

  1. Our alcohol,
  2. Take less salt
  3. Consume less fat
  4. Drink less coffee
  5. Avoid growing old

to mention just a few.

Now I can put my hand on my heart and ease my guilt a little, by having  very little difficulty in satisfy their demands with items one, two and  three.

But in all conscience to drink less coffee seems a step to far, as a  freshly made espresso as the day dawns and before I throw a leg out of bed in  the morning is as essential as a single malt whisky and a haggis is to a Burn’s supper.

As far as halting the progress of age, remaining child like or even  youthful I fear it already is too late. I never was that fortunate to know a  painter named Basil Hallward anyway and my name is not Dorian, it would also be my  misfortune that someone would find the portrait and do the honourable  deed.

“The old believe everything: the middle-aged suspect everything: the young  know everything.”
Oscar Wilde

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