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St Mary and All Saints Church Beside Pilton Manor House

Pilton Northamptonshire A Catholic Plot and Things That Go Bump in The Night

St Mary and All Saints Church and Pilton Manor House sits not far from The River Nene which meanders through the Northamptonshire countryside.

You have to make a little effort to get here as Pilton Main Street ends a long time before you reach the church or manor house and although it is said that any ghosts or apparitions associated with Pilton Manor were put to rest by the builders during the renovations in the nineteen seventies when they found a skeleton at the foot of the Jacobean staircase.

You still might think twice of visiting as they decided not to disturb the remains further and left them there for the rest of eternity who ever the unfortunate soul may have been, although rumour has it that it was a Catholic Priest taking refuge In one of the two priest holes provide by the Lords of the manor.

How he died remains a mystery.

Pilton Information from The Parish Council

The spooky tale of skeleton found under floorboards in this Northamptonshire manor house

Francis Tresham

St Mary and All Saints Church, From The End of Main Street, , Pilton, Northamptonshire
St Mary and All Saints Church, From The End of Main Street, , Pilton