The Pilgrim Fathers Monument, Fishtoft, Boston, Lincolnshire

Boston Lincolnshire as far as I can remember has always been a challenge to navigate, it seems to be constantly full of cars making their way either into Tennyson country, The Lincolnshire Wolds or the seaside resort of Skegness. Our destination is not so far afield but is the village of Fishtoft on the outskirts of the town then from there onto the banks of The Haven.

The River Witham arrives in Boston Lincolnshire where it flows into The Haven which is a tidal inlet of The Wash.

It is on the north bank of The Haven that you will find a monument to The Pilgrim Fathers, it was here in 1607 that the Scrooby Separatists later to be known as The Pilgrim Fathers made their first attempt to escape and seek religious freedom abroad as they had been refused leave to legitimately emigrate. They planned to sail to Holland but the captain betrayed them and they were return to Boston.

Pilgrim Fathers Monument  The Haven Lincolnshire

Near this place in September 1607

those later known as the

Pilgrim Fathers

were thwarted in their first attempt to sail

to find religious freedom across the seas.

Erected 1957

Parish Church of St Guthlac Fishtoft Lincolnshire

Parish Church of St Guthlac Fishtoft Lincolnshire


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